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T-16 hours…SO FREAKING NERVOUS July 29, 2009

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Okay, so no one is even reading this yet, but I’m anticipating that a select few gals will tomorrow since I’m going to send them a link tonight to preview for me 🙂  Anyways, tomorrow is the BIG day…IUI #1.  I’ve been cramping all day and according to “the girls” on this is a very good thing.  I never thought I’d be so happy to cramp!

On a separate note, I got a really great job offer today, for a job that I didn’t even apply for.  It’s going to be really hard to leave my current position since I’ve been there for five years, but even harder to turn down the offer I got today…

When will the stress stop?  I really see no end in sight.  I’ve decided that once you decide to start TTC it’s one guilt trip and stress packed day after another.  My mother was right…(eek!)

I’ll probably post again in the morning, and definitely in the afternoon to let everyone know how things went.  Wish me luck and good swimmers 🙂


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