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Kind of freaked me out… August 1, 2009

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Weird moment of the day #1: I had to go in to do pre-placement testing, including innoculations and drug screen today for my new job. I had to put on the medical history that I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant so I got to talking to my Employee Health rep about the IUI. She proceeds to tell me that every new person she meets ends up pregnant within a few weeks and her friends call her the “fertility goddess”. But, she told me not to worry because I was already pregnant.

Weird moment of the day #2: So my parents know all about what we’re going through and have been VERY supportive. Today, Brian and I went to their place to help get their living room ready for paint. They won’t let us help paint tomorrow because I just had IUI on Wednesday and they don’t want me around the fumes.

Anyways, as we’re going to leave my Dad, who is not at all emotional, looks me straight in the eye and says “You’re pregnant. I know you are.”

I know they’re really hopeful like Brian and I are, and I certainly hope he’s right…but it still freaked me out!

All these people better freaking be right!


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