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Long overdue update… August 29, 2009

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Well…the first IUI was a bust.  I took it okay (surprisingly) but it was REALLY hard on Brian.  The problem is that, like most guys, Brian doesn’t talk too much about how he’s feeling.  He holds it all in until he explodes. 

Last weekend, he exploded.

Needless to say it has been a very long, emotionally charged and physically exhausting week.  But now that he’s let it all out, he’s feeling much better, and so am I. 

We had an ultrasound last Saturday and my follicles were pretty small (8-10mm each).  Last month on the same cycle day (CD) my follicles were around 20mm.  Dr. Scheiber thinks we may need to up my dose of Femara to three pills a day for five days, rather than 2×5 which is fine, except now I’m worried that this cycle will be a bust and since we’re out-of-pocket (OOP) more pills mean more money which we’re running dangerously low on.  Of course, this news is also very discouraging to Brian who, as you’ll recall, just had an emotional explosion that I was trying to talk him down from. 

So, we scheduled a follow-up ultrasound for Monday afternoon.  If my follicles don’t grow significantly (in two days!) then we’re looking at a failed cycle, and more waiting.  Needless to say, I was pretty nervous heading in to Monday’s appointment, but the pep talk I gave my ovaries on Sunday night seems to have helped.  I had four follicles all between 17 and 22mm!!!!  Dr. Scheiber wanted to give everything one more day to get there, so I waited until Tuesday night to trigger (Ovidrel shot).  He still thinks if this IUI doesn’t take then he wants to increase the Femara dose next month ($$$).   

So I triggered on Tuesday, and the IUI is scheduled for Thursday.  Unfortunately, because I’m only in week two of my new job I can’t go to Brian’s appointment with him at 2:30.  I met him at the office just before my 4:30 appointment and we went down to the ART lab to get our “sample” which always makes me giggle.  We did get some good news there…insurance covered his collection and sperm wash from the last cycle so we only had to pay $10.40!!!  So we head on down to the office where we get the bad news.  Our sperm count was only 1M per mL, which is the ABSOLUTE lowest it can for the doctor to go ahead with the IUI.  Now, they’re thinking we may have some male factor infertility (MFI) to deal with as well, which is great because I love a good challenge (read with sarcasm).  We go ahead with the IUI and Dr. Awadalla explains that he’s going to insert the catheter all the way up against the top of my uterus, to get the sperm as close as possible to the fallopian tubes.  I just wish he had warned me about how bad that would hurt.  The good news is that it didn’t last long and afterward Dr. Awadalla cracked me up.  He stands over me and cheers on our little swimmers :-).  He also reminded us that it only takes one and I likely ovulated 4 eggs, so we’re not in that bad of shape.  That really helped and gave us a little bit of (very cautious) hope.

So, now we’re on to the 2ww.  Which I must say is better than waiting for everything to start, but not as good as waiting for a healthy baby to be born.  We’re 2dpiui and I’m feeling all the same stuff…which is unfortunately the way (I’m told) you feel when you’re pregnant.  I’m bloated, tired, sore boobs and moody.  Let’s just hope this time, it’s for good reason. 

Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming…it really does  help.  I know this will happen when it’s supposed to.  I know this is all part of His plan for me.  But I also know how bad this hurts.  I know how hard it is on my marriage.  And I know in the end, it will all be worth it.


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  1. babybaker Says:

    good luck! i’m in the 2ww after my second IUI too. try not to stress about the count. it really does only take one egg and one sperm!

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