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Today’s Appointment… September 21, 2009

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So today was my follow up appointment to check for follicles after having increased my Femara dosage.

NOTHING happened on my left ovary. There are a few incredibly small follicles that he didn’t even both to measure, and that was it.

My right ovary has two decent follicles. One at 14mm and one at 18mm. Dr. Scheiber told me to trigger tomorrow night, hopefully giving the 14mm follie more time to grow. The insemination (#3) will be on Thursday.

I asked the dreaded questions today…”What if this doesn’t work?” While he’s trying to remain optimistic even he had to admit that he thought it would be a bit easier for me. Our next step would be a dye X-ray to double-check that my tubes aren’t blocked. If my tubes are okay, then we’ll try one more insemination keeping everything the same. If my tubes aren’t okay and/or the 4th insemination doesn’t work then we’re looking at IVF.

IVF scares me mostly because of the money involved but Dr. Scheiber said they can work with us on a payment plan or something if need be. I’d just hate to start my baby’s life with a bunch of debt, but that may be my only choice.

Please keep me (and my ovaries/uterus/fallopian tubes) in your prayers.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go…


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