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Help… October 20, 2009

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We have consult with the RE on Friday to talk about whether or not IVF is the next step.

What questions should I be asking?


One Response to “Help…”

  1. babybaker Says:

    i’m working on my list of ?s as well. i want to know if my RE waits 3 or 5 days for transfer. if we make it to 5 days, they can choose the best blasts to transfer. i think at 3 days it’s a little early to tell which are the best.

    i also want to know what my REs policy is in regard to the number of embryos transferred.

    if you don’t mind, please share your list once you have it put together. if i think of any more ?s, i’ll send ’em your way.

    good luck!

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