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Our List of Questions… October 22, 2009

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1. What are our options besides IVF?
2. Would weight loss increase our odds with IUI?
3. Can we try IUI with injectables?
4. What are your IVF success rates for couples with our diagnosis?
5. What is the average cost per cycle?
6. Could taking a break make our situation worse (i.e. lower our chances of getting pregnant)?
7. What are the possible side effects of the IVF drugs and procedures?
8. What are the chances that we will have multiples?
9. Would weight loss give us a better chance of conceiving naturally?
10. Why might our sperm count be erradic?
11. Are there research studies or trials that I am eligible for?
12. Do we have access to any free or discounted medications?
13. Is an HSG necessary?
14. What would the treatment protocol be and would bedrest be necessary?
15. Is there any financial assistance for IVF available?
16. How long does each IVF cycle last?
17. What are the chances for miscarriage?
18. How many embryos will be transferred?
19. What if IVF doesn’t work?
20. Why do you think IUI didn’t work for us?
21. What happens to any embryos not transferred?

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