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So the doctor said… October 24, 2009

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We have a couple of options:
1. Have an HSG, to see if my tubes are okay, then do another round of inseminations.
2. Have a laparoscopy so if something is wrong with my tubes they can fix it, then do another round of inseminations.
3. Try insemination with injectables.
4. IVF with ICSI.

Dr. Scheiber is not convinced that insemination is going to be successful for us due to my PCOS combined with Brian’s low sperm count. His suggestion is that we move on to IVF with ICSI.

ICSI means that they will actually inject a sperm into each egg to be certain that it fertilizes, then the best embryos will be transferred to my uterus, just like with the insemination. The cost for the procedures and monitoring (ultrasound, bloodwork, etc) is about $6,500 with the drugs costing an additional $2,000.

IVF will have about a 55-60% chance of succeeding for us, whereas IUI was only 15-20%. It seems like a no brainer, but it’s a lot of money. I’m going to call on Monday and talk with the financial person to get a pre-determination done with my insurance. There’s a chance that they will cover IVF because in our case, it’s medically necessary. I’m not holding my breath.

So, that’s where we stand. I have to say that I feel a lot better about going the IVF route after having talked with Dr. Scheiber today. He was very patient and answered ALL of our questions (and then some) and really put my mind at ease. I completely trust his judgment and he agrees that IVF with ICSI will give us the best chance for conceiving.

He did say that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to both lost some weight, but he also said that he didn’t think it was much of a hindrance for us. Neither of us are obese and it would be a good idea to be healthier before getting pregnant anyways. He put me on Metformin and we’re starting a low carb diet next week…so I’m pigging out all weekend!! 🙂

He also said that if we wanted to take some time off, that would be just fine. We’re thinking we may wait until after the holidays to do anything. The holidays can be stressful enough and I want to have the rest of my life as calm as possible if we’re going to try IVF.

So, we’ve got a lot to think about and some more information to gather, but I definitely feel better and more hopeful that we’ll be able to have our own child someday.


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