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Seriously? November 28, 2009

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So Wednesday was the 30 day mark that the insurance had to respond to our pre-determination letter by. So, I called and said I was just “checking in”. They called me back on my cell while I was at work and said that the response came back but listed my University of Cincinnati policy number. So, I called them back to be sure that they have all of my current insurance information. The lady on the phone says “Well, it’s a shame you don’t still work for UC…they would have covered IVF.”


Why would you tell me that?

I’m hoping they just made a mistake because our insurance is at the same company, just a different policy, but if, in fact, UC would have covered and Children’s won’t…I seriously don’t know what I would do. I would feel so guilty for changing jobs, even though it was the right decision for us. I really doubt that UC would have covered it, since they didn’t cover anything else and I know someone who had UC insurance that didn’t cover IVF, but still…why even tell me that?

I’m going to call the insurance company on Monday and they said they would re-send our letter too. Prayers and good vibes are very much needed.


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