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Day 2 January 1, 2010

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Happy New Year Everyone! I’m still a bit in shock that I’m starting off my 2010 with an IVF cycle but hoping that 2011 will be ushered in with a little one.
Had a wonderful NYE with family last night (despite being the only sober folk!) and we’ll be starting off the New Year with more family at my parents’ house today! Hoping the Buckeyes will take home the Roses and the Bearcats will secure a sugar-coated victory (Buckeyes v. Oregon in the Rose Bowl and UC v. Florida in the Sugar Bowl)!
We start taking our antibiotics today, which Brian is less than thrilled about since he hates taking any medicine and these are HUGE pills that we have to take twice a day. He knows it will all be worth it in the end though 🙂
Here’s to hoping that we all have a happy and healthy 2010!


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