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Days 3 & 4 January 4, 2010

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Went yesterday morning to get my blood drawn. This is basically to get baselines on all of my hormone levels. Mom went with me (she’s more nervous than Brian and I are I think!) and then we went out to breakfast. Then, last night I started taking the Birth Control Pills. This still baffles my mind. I know that the reasoning is to shut down my ovaries so all of the eggs mature at the same rate, but taking BCP and using condoms goes against EVERYTHING we’ve been working for so it has me all screwed up.
Today has been NFL day at my house. The Bengals are playing in primetime (now) and there were some playoff implications for us in the day’s games so we’ve been glued to the TV. Cramping and bloating were HORRIBLE today and I had to use a heating pad (not supposed to use any medications, other thans the scripts I’m on). Other than that just waiting to get things moving. I feel kind of like we’re in a holding pattern again. Once we start the meds and everything I’m sure it will feel like we’re moving more quickly, but I definitely have the “hurry up and wait” feeling.
Hopefully the pharmacy will call tomorrow to let me know if we have prescription coverage…and if we do it would be awesome! I’ll let you know. We did discover that we’ll likely have to use what is now the guest bedroom for the nursery rather than what is now the office as was our original plan. Reason being that the office is FREEZING and the guest bedroom is nice and toasty. It seems to have the best temperature control in the house so it makes more sense for that to be the nursery. Plus, the office has cable so I’m sure Brian will like that 🙂
Keep the prayers and baby dust coming!!


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