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Day 48/Day 1 February 16, 2010

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Started spotting yesterday. My blood test was moved up to this morning and was negative. My cycle is now in full swing. We have a lot of soul searching and decisions to make. Thoughts and prayers, as always, would be appreciated.


8 Responses to “Day 48/Day 1”

  1. Melissa Says:

    So sorry to hear! Our thought and prayers are with you guys!

  2. Mollie Says:

    thinking of you.

  3. Pam Says:

    Ohhh. Thinking about you…

  4. babybaker Says:

    oh no. i’m so sorry. my first go around didn’t work either. are you moving on to FET right away? fingers crossed your one embie is the one! you never know. good luck!

    p.s. i nominated you for an award on my blog. check it out!

  5. cowgirltn Says:

    Prayers are on their way.

  6. Misty Says:

    It’ll be okay – it will find a way to work out. Just take some time to just be together; the answers will come to you. Sending you both big hugs!

  7. Keesha Says:

    I’ll be praying for you guys. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, just know that if you need anything at all I am a phone call away. I love you cuz.

  8. Jenny Says:

    Sweetie you both are in my prayers and I am mentally giving you lots and lots of hugs right now.

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