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Update March 26, 2010

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Hi Everyone…here’s a long overdue update.

I went this morning for my second follicle check. I have 15-16 follicles with the largest measuring around 13mm. I have three more days of stimulation with Follistim and then I’ll go back on Monday for a final check. My egg retrieval will likely be next Wednesday with transfer being that weekend.

I also got news from my insurance company that they screwed up and should not have pre-approved me for IVF. The good news is that since it was their mistake they plan to cover me through my current cycle. I won’t have any coverage after this cycle, so we really need this one to work. $13,000 is not easy to come by!

As always, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


One Response to “Update”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Ugh how do they make a mistake like that :-/ This is peoples lifes they are screwing with!! We are praying for you that this one sticks!! Love yeah!

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