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Update and a Return to Blogging… June 16, 2010

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First of all, I see that some of you are still faithfully checking my blog though it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve updated and I want to say thank you. I cannot put into words the comfort that Brian and I gain from knowing we are supported and loved.

Now for the update…

It has been two months since I last updated anyone and a LOT has happened. Dr. Scheiber called the day after my last post to talk about what he thought went wrong (again). As always, he was very understanding and seems genuinely frustrated with our case. After consulting with Dr. Awadalla and a “colleague” whom I suspect was Dr. Chin, but not 100% sure, they concluded that due to the strong reaction I have to stimulation my body may simply be so out-of-whack that it cannot support a pregnancy. For this reason, they felt that I may better handle the frozen embryo transfers than I have been handling the fresh cycles.

We started our first frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle just a few days later. I was taking estrogen 3 times a day (poor Brian!) and then around Day 20 of my cycle, the embryo transfer was scheduled.

Our 7 embryos are frozen in what they call “straws”…we had two straws of three embryos each and one straw with a single embryo. The two straws of three were from our most recent cycle and were the highest quality, with the other embryo being from our first cycle and not as good of quality. Dr. Scheiber recommended that we start by thawing one straw of three, warning us that only about 2/3 of embryos survive the thaw, on a good day. Well, all three of our embryos not only survived, but were thriving!!! 

We transferred all three embryos and anxiously awaited our beta test.  I had lots of symptoms this time…fatigue, nausea, odor aversions…we were very optimistic.  This was also the first cycle that I was able to make it to my scheduled beta without starting my period.  Unfortunately, it turned out that we were, again, not pregnant.  My symptoms, according to Dr. S, were a result of the stronger progesterone suppositories that he had put me on for the cycle.  Needless to say, we were crushed.

This time, Dr. S had no answers and admitted that he was at a loss. After a lot of discussion we decided that I would begin birth control so I could undergo a HSG.  An HSG is a test whereby dye was injected into my uterus and then a series of x-rays were taken to make sure that I didn’t have any lesions, tumors, etc. in my uterus and that my fallopian tubes weren’t blocked.  Everything was absolutely perfect (thankfully) but that still left us stumped.  Brian and I did a lot of soul-searching and decided that we wanted to move forward with another FET, using a different protocol.  We still have four embryos and we don’t want to just leave them sitting there…it’s a weird feeling to know that you have frozen babies…

So, that’s where we’re at now.  I’m waiting for my period to start (should be any day now) and then we’re going to try a (kinda) new protocol.  It’s actually the same protocol that we used for our inseminations, but since it mimics natural processes Dr. S thinks it’s worth trying.  I’ll be taking Femara on days 3-7 of my period.  This will actually make me produce eggs (but only one or two) and then around day 15 of my cycle I’ll take a trigger shot to make me ovulate on my own.  After triggering I will have the embryo transfer to coincide with what would be a “natural” implantation day. 

Hopefully, this will work and if not, we’ll still have another embryo to transfer and perhaps some soul-searching as to next steps…

As always, thoughts and prayers are much appreciated…


2 Responses to “Update and a Return to Blogging…”

  1. Marci Lynch Says:

    Dear Brian and Amanda,
    We hope that all goes well for all of you and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. It must very difficult but your perserverance will pay off.
    Uncle Jim and Aunt Marci

  2. babybaker Says:

    i’m so glad you updated us on where you’ve been! so sorry that last FET didn’t work out, but i’m keeping everything crossed for this next one. (i’m in the middle of FET#2 right now.) i like your doctor’s plan for your FET. change is good and maybe it’s exactly what your ute and embryos need! good luck!

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