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Not great…but not horrible either… July 5, 2010

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Sorry it took me so long to update and I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Went in for another ultrasound on Friday. My follicles grew, but only about a millimeter, so not nearly enough. the good news is that my uterine lining is absolutely perfect and exactly what he was hoping to achieve this cycle. So…he gave me three options:
1. Supplement this cycle with injections…same as when we did IVF, but not as strong of a dose. This will hopefully make my follicles grow large enough to trigger so I will ovulate on my own.
2. Start taking estrogen and progesterone to “trick” my body into thinking I ovulated, similar to what we did during our last FET.
3. Scrap this cycle and try the Femara again next month.

I asked Dr. S what he would suggest and his initial response (joking of course) was “I would suggest that your body react to Femara like it always has!!” I LOVE my doctor and so appreciate that he helps us to keep our sense of humor 🙂 After we all had a good laugh he went back through our chart with me and said that he really thinks it would be best if we supplement with the injections and try to get my body to ovulate on its own since the “trick” didn’t work last time. So…I started injecting Follistim on Friday night and I’ll be going back on Wednesday morning…hopefully this will work and we’ll be scheduling a transfer!!!


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