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Good news!…wait, bad news?…well, that’s still good news! July 7, 2010

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Confused?  So was I today!  I had an appointment this morning that went VERY well.  I am now the proud owner of two follicles (one at 18mm and one at 14mm) which are large enough to produce eggs!  Dr. Scheiber was very happy and told me to take another 100iu of Follistim tonight, then trigger tomorrow, and we scheduled the FET for next Thursday, on Brian’s birthday.  I was so freaking excited!  He talked to me a bit more about my protocol too since it’s not a typical protocol…turns out that Dr. S developed the protocol himself and has only been using it for about a year.  And…he’s had a 75-80% success rate!!!

This was an excellent way to start my Wednesday 🙂  I was really busy at work today so I just kept chugging along and after running a few errands around the building I came back to my desk around 3:45 and had a voice mail.  My voice mails says:  “Hi Amanda, this is (name) from Dr. Scheiber’s office.  We had to cancel your transfer.  Please call us as soon as you can.”  Um….what?  So I decided to check my cell voice mail where I found this message:  “Hi Amanda, Dr. Scheiber.  I need to talk to you about your blood work from today.  Call the office ASAP and have them transfer you to me directly.”  Um…huh?  So now I’m really freaked out!  I called the office and told them that Dr. S left me a message and said I should be directly connected.  She asked my name and immediately said “You need to call his cell…here’s his number.”

Obviously, I’m completely scared by this point and when I called Dr. S’s cell I got voice mail.  Within about 5 minutes he called me back.  Turns out, my progesterone levels were elevated…which means I either ovulated already or am getting ready to ovulate.  This is GREAT news!!  My body has finally figured out what it’s supposed to do when the ovaries make eggs!!!  Dr. S was pretty excited and so was I…this means that a pregnancy may actually regulate my body at some point, which I didn’t think was going to happen.  However, this also means that we can’t do a FET this month.  Without knowing exactly when I ovulate (like we would if I used a trigger shot) it’s hard to time the transfer for optimal success.  So…he told us to go ahead and try “the old fashioned way” this month! 

According to Dr. S we already know that my lining is in great shape and that I’ve either already ovulated or I’m going to in the next day or so.  And, we also know that I likely released (or will release) two eggs.  I’m thinking it would be poetic if we got pregnant on our own after all of the time and money and heartache we’ve been through, but in the end, so long as I get to be a mommy, I’m game!

Stay tuned…I’ve got to let my body do it’s thing and we’ll either re-do the same protocol next month, or be announcing our pregnancy in a few weeks!


2 Responses to “Good news!…wait, bad news?…well, that’s still good news!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Amanda, it is really hard to keep up with you. You never cease to amaze!

  2. Christy Says:

    Yes, I was completely confused!! But, I’m happy you have some GREAT news! Whatever will make me an aunt works for me!! 🙂

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